5 types of personal branding images that help to tell your story

5 types of personal branding images that help to tell your story for your website


In today’s digital age, personal branding has become more important than ever before. Your online presence and the images you choose to showcase on your website can help tell your story and create a lasting impression on potential clients. Here are five types of personal branding images that can effectively communicate your brand identity and help you stand out from the crowd.

Today I’d like to share with you a case study from a recent shoot I did with House of Ren’s founder, Renée Cousins, an experienced beauty and wellness therapist of 30 years, and previous owner of Lifestyle Spa in South Africa.

On moving to Australia in 2019, Renée dreamed of opening up a unique house of wellness and skin therapy that offered the best of the best out of her trainings, experience, intuition, and what technology now has to offer the industry. The recently launched House of Ren, based in Terrigal, NSW, focuses on long-term results using the best of science, technology, organic botanical skincare, plus ancient healing massage techniques. Renée is deeply passionate about giving her clients the most luxurious facial treatment of their lives, offering “a private oasis for those who long for a few sweet hours of restoration, wellness, and skin radiance.”

When Renée set up her business, she knew what it would take to attract her dream clientele: professionalism, class, masterful marketing, and attention to detail. She wanted this process to be as seamless as possible, so she hired experts to create her standout website and exquisite copy – all of which needed the support of a visual story with professional photography.

Professional Images can:

  1. a) tell your unique story to your niche clients in seconds, and
  1. b) look visually beautiful and professional – therefore driving your credibility through the roof. 

There are five essential types of images we captured during her photo session at her salon that tells her story visually for her website – and it’s great for you to also think about including these different types of imagery.


A professional headshot is an essential element of personal branding for any business. It gives potential clients a glimpse of the person behind the brand and creates a sense of trust and professionalism. Make sure your headshot is high-quality, well-lit, and reflects your brand’s personality and values. Great for your About page.

Action Shots:

Action shots of you in your element can help showcase your skills, expertise, and passion for your work. Whether you’re a beauty therapist, a fitness trainer in the gym, or a bookkeeper in an office, action shots can help convey the energy and excitement of what you do.

Behind-the-Scenes Images:

Behind-the-scenes images of your workspace, equipment, or team can give your potential clients an inside look at your business and help them connect with your brand on a personal level. Consider showcasing images of your creative process, your team collaborating on a project, or your workspace in action.

Lifestyle Images: Lifestyle images can help convey the experience of working with you or using your products. Consider showcasing images of your clients enjoying your services or using your products in their daily lives. This can help create a sense of aspiration and emotional connection with your brand.

Product Shots: If you sell products, high-quality product shots are essential for showcasing their features, benefits, and unique qualities. Make sure your product shots are well-lit, visually appealing, and showcase the product from multiple angles. You can also consider incorporating lifestyle shots that show the product in action. It’s also great to organise those extra details like flowers, decorations, props and appropriate background for the product shoots.

How to get started

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, though, and that’s where hiring a professional branding photographer comes in handy. A professional photographer with decades of experience in a range of fields will know all the tips and tricks to make your session look, feel and photograph like a breeze.

House of Ren’s branding shoot at Renée’s new salon in Terrigal was a perfect example of how my knowledge of the different types of images could come into fruition in just two hours. I had a moodboard and a plan ready, with instructions for Renée before the shoot. I communicated with her all the small details, like how to dress to reflect the mood and branding, which products and services would boost the business, and expectations around the lifestyle shots.

In the end, it was a gorgeous, fast and fun two hours which resulted in the most incredible imagery which will go on serving Rénee’s business for years to come. Going to that extra effort to hire an experienced professional photographer ends up paying for itself by the first client – continuing to boost income and drive advertising in ways that stock imagery just can’t capture authentically.

Your brand story lasts

Incorporating these five types of personal branding images on your website can help create a comprehensive brand story that resonates with potential clients and helps them connect with you on a personal level. Remember to keep your images consistent with your brand’s personality, values, and messaging, and make sure they reflect the quality and professionalism of your business.

Hope this gives you some ideas to plan your visual story for your website, and I’m so looking forward to connecting with you and seeing how I can be of service for you!

Love & Light

Ingrid xx

Check out the completed House of Ren website:

Photography: https://ingridphotography.com.au

House of Ren https://www.houseofren.com.au

Beautiful web design https://www.newleafcreative.com.au

Heartfelt website copy: https://heartwriting.com.au


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