Can your Headshot image be a lifestyle image?

Can your Profile/ Headshot image be a Close-up, Half body or a lifestyle image?

The simple answer is:  Yes!

It all depends on where and what you are going to use your image for.

Is it for your website, LinkedIn, Socials, PR or a Magazine etc ?

The most common for a business/ LinkedIn headshot is a close-up that has great lighting, and it can be with studio lighting or with beautiful natural light and of course with a great expression that portrays your personality. The main purpose with a great headshot image is to help your audience identify You as the person behind your profession, your brand/ business. 



These days it is more common to mix it up and use business profiles which are half body or even full body to show more of your personality.  This is especially on your website if you need more than just one image that shows your personality or on other marketing materials that need something else then the standard headshot image.

I do think it’s nice to mix it up and to show different type of personalities in your profile / headshot images. 

This leads into the newish, very popular genre of photography Personal Branding that you might have heard of. It’s simply a bigger collection of portrait images that shows off more of your personality from a studio closeup to lifestyle portrait photography. I will write more about it in the next post. 

You maybe wonder … I might just take a full body shot and crop it? 

The answer is: Please Don’t.

You will lose quality in your image if you crop it too much. Even if it’s taken with a great camera. It gets very pixilated. Please don’t crop the images too much to keep the high quality.



If you feel you need an update with your Business professional headshots, I do offer headshot session for your website, social media, headshots, for LinkedIn, PR etc in Terrigal/ Central Coast, NSW or I’m happy to travel to your business as well. In my headshot session there is three images included so you can have a variety of closeup headshot , half body and full body so you can use them for different purposes. The choice is yours.


Most important is to show off YOU and your personality!


Ingrid xx

Business Portrait / headshots of the beautiful and talented Alisha Bleakley

taken at my Studio in Terrigal, Central Cost, NSW.



Make up: April Harvey

Hair: Allure The Salon


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