Product shoot with Cactusilk to a Personal branding shoot in Central Coast, NSW


A Product shot to a personal branding shoot for Cactusandsilk

I got asked to do a product photography shoot for Cactusilk’s  Antique Moroccan rugs on the Central Coast NSW.  It was going to be just the products alone and it ended up to being 2 great personal branding advertising photo shoots instead and the start of me falling in love with business and personal branding photography, helping businesses to meet their perfect clients.


I realized how much impact  personal branding shoots can have on someone’s business. To put yourself out there to connect with your audience and make it more personal.

Jess was at first very reluctant of the idea to be on any photos but after some thought she decided it was a great idea to have a headshot on the Central Coast where she lives for her website.

Together we had so much fun photographing her with every single rug in different outfits and locations and the birth of her being the face  for her brand was born.

Jess thought it was great to have different images of her and the rugs which she could regularly post on social media to engage with her audience. We created a library of content for her and as well the product shots for her website. She even recieved a full page Feauture in Central Coast Life & Style Magazine with the images from our photoshoot. You can use your personal Branding images for PR, Book Covers, News letters where ever your imagination goes.


What I love about personal branding shoots is that I love  to be more than a photographer,  I can help you as a Art director, content creator, editor  styling guidence and even with a few tips to help manage your social media posting. What I love the most is to help my clients to feel great and confident  in front of the camera!


If you would like to book in a chat for your next personal branding shoot-

Please contact me and lets have a talk  about your brand’s story and how you see it connecting with your perfect clients.

Ingrid xx






I'm so excited to share that the images I captured for Cactusilk recieved a full page featured in Central Coast Life and Style Magazine.

Just let your imagination go where you can showcase your personal branding images from your session. Magazine feautures, book covers, News letters etc.