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I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the talented stylist Sam Woods for a photoshoot with Gina and Matty for Star 104.5. I asked Sam to share her insights on the styling choices for the shoot, and her perspective was both modern  and inspiring.


Embracing Fresh and Organic Hues

For this branding shoot, Sam chose to style Gina and Matty with fresh, organic colors and relaxed coastal pieces. Here’s what Sam had to say about her approach:

“Fresh, organic hues styled with relaxed coastal pieces were my choice for this branding brief. The aim for this shoot was to style Gina & Matty in relaxed, modern, and chic attire to reflect the diversity of talent that is leading the way in morning radio! The hues and minimalist styling complemented their warm, fun, and vibrant personalities while still capturing the professional elements of their persona.”

Branding photoshoot of Gina and Matty for star 104.5. Photographed by Ingrid Photography in Terrigal at Central Coast.

Styling Gina

Gina’s look was all about capturing a balance between professional and playful. Sam styled her in a chic linen terracotta suit in soft, neutral tones. This choice not only mirrored Gina’s vibrant and approachable personality but also created a sophisticated and polished image, perfect for the relaxed yet professional vibe of the shoot.

Stylist Sam Wood Styled Gina Jeffrey for her branding Photoshoot with Ingrid Photographer at Central Coast, nws

Styling Matty

Styling a man for a branding shoot can be quite different. Sam explained her thought process for Matty’s outfit:

“Adding the richness of an olive blazer created the perfect color balance with Matty’s neutral-toned chinos and tee. This high-contrast combination, teamed with deep tan shoes, gave Matty’s cool style just the right amount of pop.”

The olive blazer added a modern twist to Matty’s ensemble, ensuring he stood out while maintaining a cohesive look with Gina’s attire.

Matty Baseley Styled by Sam wood for the branding photoshoot for star 104.5 photographed by Ingrid Photography in Terrigal.

Tips for Your Branding Shoot

When planning your branding shoot, consider the following:

  • Choose Colors Wisely: Opt for hues that complement your personality and the message you want to convey.
  • Balance Professional and Casual: Mix elements of both to create a relatable yet polished look.
  • Coordinate Without Matching: Ensure your outfits harmonize without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Add a Pop of Color: Use bold pieces to add interest and make your photos stand out.

Working with a stylist like Sam can make a huge difference in achieving the right look for your branding shoot. Their expertise can help you select pieces that highlight your personality and professional brand.

If you’re looking to elevate your branding shoot with expert styling, consider these tips and perhaps even a session with a talented stylist. It can transform your images and make your brand truly shine.

Matt Baseley and Gina Jeffreys photoshoot for 104.5 photographed by Ingrid Photography in Central coast.



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Matt Baseley and Gina Jeffreys photoshoot for 104.5 photographed by Ingrid Photography in Central coast.


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