Personal Branding session of the Reiki master Angela da Silva

March 31, 2021

This weekend I felt it was time for myself. It was time to me to relax. I choose to tray out Reiki that I have been very curious about since that time I captured
personal branding images of the Reiki Master Angela da Silva for her website. It made me very curious what Reiki is and what benefits is has and wanted to tray it out my self.

She offered a reiki level 1 course this weekend and I booked myself in. It was soooo relaxing and yes I feel a bit of change more relaxed and calm.

Angela told us about her story. Before she started Reiki she was suffering from a really bad postnatal depression, she couldn’t sleep properly for months and was very low in energy. She wanted to tray something else than mediacation and Gps. Someone told her to tray out Reiki and so she did. And everything changed.

She started to receive her energy back and found her calling in life.

So what is Reiki? It’s a Life force and it’s tapping into a flow of energy!

Reiki helps to balance our natural energy centers  in our body. Then they are alligned you feel fulfilled and content in your life. Reiki helps to balance your energi centrs so you feel more calm and relaxed.

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Angela da Silva in action at her  Reiki healing work

We learnt as well in trusting our intention, our  inner power and believing in transformation.

I defiantly felt so much more relaxed and calm after this weekend and something has changed inside of me.

I do recomened everyone to tray out a reiki session and it’s just after that you can make your own opinion and see what you think.

To see more of  Angelas da Silvas work


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Wish you all a beautiful relaxing day !  Ingrid xx


Images from the personal branding session