What is a Personal Branding session?

I’m so excited that I have started to offer Personal branding photography sessions here on the Central Coast, NSW!! I love this genre in photography and to be able to help entrepreneurs like YOU with your images for your business to tell your Story to your clients.

So, I guess you are wondering what it is?

This is a photoshoot focusing on images that are more than just a headshot. We will capture beautiful head shot images, combined with images of you at work and behind the scenes. Images that tell Your Story and what you do!

You can use your images for your Website, social media, PR, book covers etc anywhere you feel inspired to share them to help your audience with your products or services.

I love this genre and working around the Central Coast N.S.W because it ties together with all my photography background.   I have worked in the fashion and advertising industry,  documentary of events, weddings, lifestyle and  families. I’m passionate about helping small business and entrepreneurs go to the next level.



A few weekends ago I felt it was time for myself to do something to understand my inner powers. I chose to try out Reiki and  I have been very curious about reiki since that time I captured personal branding images of the very talented Reiki Master Angela da Silva for her website and socials. It made me very curious what Reiki is and what benefits is has and wanted to try it out myself.

So I booked myself into a reiki level 1 course. It was a very relaxing and calm experience.

Angela told us about her story. How she come across Reiki.  Before she started Reiki she was suffering from a really bad postnatal depression, she couldn’t sleep properly for months and was very low in energy. She wanted to try something else other than medication and GPs. Someone told her to try out Reiki and so she did. And everything changed for her, for the better!

She started to receive her energy back and found her calling in life.

So what is Reiki? It’s a Life force and it’s tapping into a flow of energy!

Reiki helps to balance our natural energy centres in our body. Then they are aligned you feel fulfilled and content in your life. Reiki helps to balance your energy centres, so you feel calmer and more relaxed.

We learnt to trust in our intention, our inner power and believing in transformation.

I felt so much more relaxed and calmer after this weekend and something has changed inside of me.

I do recommend everyone to try out a reiki session and it’s only after that you can make your own opinion and see what you think.

To see more of  Angelas da Silvas work:


If you would like to have a Personal Branding Photography sessions on the Central Coast NSW or Sydney which feature “You” in your business  behind the scenes, please reach out.

A Personal Branding session can be portraits of you in action in your business in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Sydney. These images are great for your website and social media to help attract your ideal clients.

We will start with a strategy discussion for your session.

With planning a moodboard, styling and locations!

If you would like to know more please visit:


Wish you all a beautiful, inspirational day!

Ingrid xx

reiki portrait of Angela DaSilva brand photography session in Terrigal


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