Personal Branding Photoshoot for Ruby’s Home store / Woy Woy, NSW

Jane from rubu's homestore stiing at her veranda at woy woy posing for her personal branding images from Ingridphotography.

I’m just so excited for my friend and client Jane from Ruby’s Home store to win

the Australia Post – Online Retail Industry Award People’s Choice 2022!

  I’m not really a blog person but I felt to share her story and some Personal Branding images we have created at her home in Woy Woy over the last year.

She always had a dream to open up her own home wear shop with a coastal and British touch, doing a more creative job.  She’s been a nurse for over 30 years and loves it too but two and a half years ago when her parents sadly passed away, she decided to follow her dream.  Life is to short, isn’t it…so she bought an online home wear shop and changed the name to Ruby’s home store.  It is the name of her oldest granddaughter. 

It has been an incredible journey to follow Jane from early on at Ruby’s home store to now. 

She is a very creative and driven person, and she realized early on that it was important with personal branding images and showing up with herself online.  She’s great with showing up as the face in her business.  She does both really funny videos herself and I have photographed her a few times over the years with Personal Branding Photography images at her home. Those days we plan first different themes that works well  to showcase her and some of her products. 

I just love working with Jane and I love as well how she is using the personal branding photography images on her website and socials etc. 

She has even started her second business now, a home wear subscription box!


Her marketing tips is to do a bit of everything.  She does social media, personal branding, newsletter, networking, SEO, ads in the paper etc.

Together it all works as a great mix.  There is no shortcuts and no overnight successes

But a little bit of everything and a passion and determination work well for success. 

Can’t wait to see where you will take Ruby’s home store in the next year!

Ingrid xx



rubuy's homestore working from home. lady with laptop.
british pillows on sofa
banner photo of jane from rubu's homestore psoing for her personal branding images.
homewear subscription box outside door.
Behind The scene from Ruby’s Home store Personal Branding Shoot at her home in Woy Woy.
Janes Story about open her own Business and Follow her dream!


Rubys Home Store


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